Darłowo and Darłówko

 among others Pomeranian Dukes' Castle, fishing port, lighthouse, Baltic Shipping marina, "JAN" Water Park

- approx. 12 km by car or approx. 10 km along a charming bicycle path along the beach, and a significant section on the spit separating the Baltic Sea and Kopań Lake 


among others fishing harbor, lighthouse, aquapark

- approx. 5 km, a walk along the seashore takes about an hour each way

Rusinowo city center

shops, church, bars and restaurants

- approx. 1.5 km

Former spare runway training ground in Wicko Morskie - a paved 3-kilometer section of the road along the coast is a paradise for skaters and serves as a parking lot.

Lake Wicko

among others a marina with a water equipment rental and a sailing and windsurfing school - approx. 10 km

Cyclical events

They are organized in the summer season regular events, e.g.:

- International Beach Run

- Cabaret evening 

- "Racibora" Bicycle Rally 

Detailed information on the website of the Postomino Commune

Bicycle lovers we recommend trips along the beach to Jarosławiec, especially Darłówek, overcoming the Barzowice Mountain (approx. 30 m relative height) and participation in the Racibor Rally, which leads, among others. through the terrain of a usually inaccessible military training ground.

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